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Big Savage Tunnel Closed

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Big Savage Tunnel Closed for Construction!

Opening Projected for Spring 2004 (Updated 10/14/2003)

Thank you for your phone calls and emails concerning the Big Savage Tunnel. ATA is delighted that you are as excited about this project as we are. Thanks to the hundreds who have contributed to our sponsor a foot campaign.

As so often happens with construction, this project is taking much longer than anticipated.

To allow the contractors to do their jobs and to protect the safety of all, the Big Savage Tunnel is closed until further notice.

On-road detours are available on this website or bear with us until spring when we can open the tunnel to trail use.

Thank you for your interest and be assured that getting the tunnel open and the connecting trail constructed is number one on the list.

There are gates and signs that warn people that they are in a construction zone that is closed to the public on each end of the tunnel. From these points you can't even see the portals of the tunnel and the public is not permitted any further than this. People can ride to these points but must be aware that they may not enter the construction zone. Even though the bulk of the work is occurring inside the tunnel, there is still a great deal of activity outside each portal which could put someone at risk.

From June through early July the construction company has put drainage and metal liner on the inside of the existing concrete liner.  They are also in the process of rebuilding the north portal and have extensive formwork in that area.  Formwork is used to hold concrete in place while it hardens. The construction company is now spraying concrete on the walls and roof of the tunnel.  A real messy operation for any one in the tunnel.  That should be completed shortly, at which time the electrical contractor will begin installing the lights.



The Work Platform takes up most of the tunnel space

The portal formwork has only a narrow walkway.  The other end is a giant step up and the entire walkway is slippery

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