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Montour Trail

  Construction site
Groveton to Boggs - Completed
Boggs to Champion - To be completed Fall '00
Champion to Quicksilver - To be completed Fall '00
Quicksilver Bridge - To be completed Fall '00
Quicksilver to McDonald - Completed
McDonald to Venice - Design and engineering underway
Venice to Cecil - To be completed Fall '00
Cecil to Greer - Completed
Greer to Rt. 19 - Design and engineering underway
Rt. 19 to Library Jct. - Completed (Arrowhead Trail)
Library Jct. to Brownsville Rd - Design and engineering underway
Brownsville Rd to Triphammer - Completed
Triphammer to Snowden - Design and engineering underway
Snowden to Gill Hall - Completed
Gill Hall to Clairton - Design and engineering underway

Three Rivers Heritage Trail

9th St. to 18th St. - Construction to begin Fall '99
18th St. to 20th St. - Completed (Southside Riverfront Park)
20th St. to 25th St. - Open June '99
25th St. through LTV site - Construction to begin Spring '00
Amoco site - In negotiation

Steel Valley Trail

Clairton to McKees Point Park - Signed for bike lanes and shared roadway
McKees Point Park to Glenwood - Design and engineering underway

Youghiogheny River Trail, North

McKees Point Park to 15th St. Bridge - Completed
15th St Bridge to McKeesport city limits on east side of Youghiogheny - Completed
McKeesport city limits to Boston on east side of Youghiogheny - use back streets near river (low traffic) to Boston Bridge, then walk bikes on sidewalk across bridge
15th St. Bridge to Dead Man's Hollow on west side of Youghiogheny- To be completed Spring '01
Dead Man's Hollow to Connellsville - Completed

The Trail will be closed for reconstruction for a week this fall, late September '00 or October '00 between Greenock and Buena Vista .  Only through-trekkers will be allowed to pass.

Youghiogheny River Trail, South

Connellsville to Confluence - Completed

Allegheny Highlands Trail in Pennsylvania

Confluence to Ft. Hill - In final design stage, bridge work started. See our advice on reaching Ft Hill from the east.
Ft. Hill to Salisbury Viaduct - Completed
Salisbury Viaduct to Meyersdale - To be completed mid '01
Meyersdale to Rt. 2011 - Beginning engineering
Rt. 2011 to State Line including Big Savage Tunnel - Beginning engineering studies

Allegheny Highlands Trail in Maryland

State Line to Frostburg - In design and engineering
Frostburg to Woodcock Hollow - In design and engineering, to begin October '00
Woodcock Hollow to Cumberland - In design and engineering

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