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At Cumberland, the Allegheny Trail Alliance system connects with the C&O Canal Towpath. The official web site for the towpath is at the National Park Service. Four good complementary sites are the Potomac Conservancy, the C&O Canal Association, Kathy Bilton's Canal pages, and a biking guide at Urban ATB. The paved Western Maryland Rail-Trail now parallels the towpath for 10 miles from Hancock to Big Pool Maryland. For more riding in the Washington DC area, check James Menzies' Urban ATB pages, especially the section on Washington and Baltimore rail-trails.

Spur trails are beginning to connect with the ATA system

  • The Connellsville. Some day it may connect to Connellsville Five Star Trail is affiliated with the Regional Trail Council. Currently their trail runs from Youngwood to Greensburg, 15 miles north of
  • The Sheepskin Trail will connect with the ATA system east of Connellsville and run south to the state line. It will connect there with West Virginia's Mon River Trail.
  • The Panhandle Trail crosses the Montour Trail near McDonald.
  • North of Pittsburgh, the Allegheny Valley Land Trust is developing the 52-mile Armstrong Trail along the Allegheny River in Armstrong County. The Butler-Freeport Community Trail runs northwest from the Allegheny River at Freeport.

    The Ghost Town Trail passes through several ghost towns in Cambria and Indiana Counties.

    Chain link icon Trails Under Development

    The Nine Mile Run project south of Frick park will include a trail.

    Chain link icon Regional Biking Information

    The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources maintains comprehensive coverage of rail-trails in the state.

    Cycling information for the Pittsburgh area, including routes, events, clubs, and bike shops

    The West Virginia Rails-to-Trails Council provides updates on West Virginia trail activities. West Virginia Outside provides a wide range of outdoor information for West Virginia, including a cycling page and a bike calendar (mostly for racing).

    The Ohio Rails to Trails field office has an online guide to Ohio trails. In addition, Cycling Ohio's Rail-Trails & Bikeways also lists trails and bikeways in the state.

    The Tri-state Bike Trail B & B group offeres a free planning guide for trips along these trails, with emphasis on the B&Bs..

    Chain link icon Local Area Information

    On this site, we've tried to include information on amenities and services that are close to the trails -- close enough that people travelling through under their own power will find them useful. If you've driven to a trailhead, though, you'll be interested in attractions, businesses, and services farther from the trail. For information of this kind, we refer you to the visitors bureaus, chambers of commerce, and city guides for the regions. Here are some:


    Allegheny County, PA,
    including Pittsburgh

      See links on our Pittsburgh amenity page

    Westmoreland County, PA

      Pennsylvania Visitors Network Westmoreland pages

    Fayette County, PA

      Send postcards of the Yough! Fay-West
    Pennsylvania Visitors Network Fayette pages

    Somerset County, PA

      Somerset County Chamber of Commerce,
    Pennsylvania Visitors Network Somerset pages

    Laurel Highlands, PA

      Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau

    Western MD

      Allegany County Convention and Visitor Bureau,
    Western Maryland OnLine,
    Allegany County Chamber of Commerce

    Chain link icon Periodical Publications

    Treasures Along the Rail is an advertiser-supported magazine that emphasizes rail-trail development and use. Available free at businesses near the trail.

    Pennsylvania Health and Fitness Magazine is an advertiser-supported monthly magazine that is distributed in metropolitan areas. It has good coverage of local recreational events.

    Chain link icon Related Regional and National Organizations

    The National Rails to Trails Conservancy supports conversion of railroad grades to trails nationwide. They have field offices in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

    American Trails is a national, nonprofit organization working on behalf of ALL trail interests to create and protect America's network of interconnected trails.

    Using waterfront esplanades, park paths, abandoned railroads, canal towpaths, and parkway corridors, the East Coast Greenway Alliance will form a continuous trail stretching from Maine to Florida.

    The Allegheny Conservation Alliance protects and preserves the natural habitats of the Mid-Atlantic United States.

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